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Want Answers To Only Fort Wayne Tickets Frequently Asked Questions?

If you have questions about Only Fort Wayne Tickets or our tickets, the answer may be in this FAQ page. If you have specific questions not shown here, just phone our customer service. Contact us by phone at 260-250-2925 or fill out our support form.

When someone buys a ticket from an event’s ticket office -- known as the primary ticket seller -- they have the choice to resell that ticket to a different ticket seeker. Sellers in the secondary market may involve licensed ticket sellers, ticket firms, box office promoters, and people like you. Only Fort Wayne Tickets has tickets from a popular ticket marketplace, and then filters search results for only Fort Wayne and neighboring areas so you will quickly discover the best seats in your town.

The secondary market works on a price/demand model, and you could see that prices fluctuate as you get closer to the event. It’s not surprising to find seats fall under box office costs. You can also find hot seats for shows that are sold out that may cost more money than the original cost. The key to the secondary ticket market is to look back over time to see who’s coming to Fort Wayne.

Depending on the transaction, you could receive your tickets in one of six methods:

Email: A code will be emailed to you before the event, from which you can print your barcoded ticket. These e-tickets might need to be downloaded through My Ticket Tracker.

Shipped: Sellers will mail the physical tickets through Federal Express. Packages are guaranteed to get there before the event starts, and you will have a FedEx tracking number once your package ship.

Venue Will Call: Tickets will be waiting at the event’s will call or box office area.

Outside Pick-up: Tickets will need to be collected at a 3rd party location (no more than thirty minutes away from the venue).

Paperless: The ticket seller will meet your party at the venue and go with you to the will call area.

Flash: The seller will send you a prepaid credit card that you will show at the venue box office. It will contain the complete sale information and will give a viable receipt.

You can pick a different shipping address -- a street address or P.O. boxes -- for entire orders placed through Only Fort Wayne Tickets. However, on sales past $750, the seller may refuse to ship to a separate place other than the billing address. Additionally, sellers may ask for a signed authorization from you if they need verification that the alternative shipping address is valid.

Instant tickets generally show as available to download and print after you place the order. Please allow for processing time, which could take as much as one business day. You will see a confirmation email detailing how to access your instant tickets.

To ensure you have a wonderful experience in Fort Wayne, your tickets have a 100% Money Back Guarantee in case:


  • The seller doesn’t ship your tickets
  • You receive your tickets after the event starts
  • The tickets were deemed void by the venue. (Confirmable evidence must be issued by the venue in written letter format.)
  • The event was canceled without a rescheduled date. (Shipping fees not included in your refund.)


Usually, tickets off of Only Fort Wayne Tickets are first-come, first-served. If your purchase was canceled mid-process, it means another buyer submitted their order before you. Unfortunately, you will need to go back to that event and try purchasing a different seat.

Many sellers have several groups of tickets and are able to satisfy parties more successfully if they don’t add the seat numbers on their listings. Of course, you'll see the rows and sections to choose from. Rest assured that your party will all be next to your other tickets unless noted in the description.

Because this is a resale site, the first purchaser's name will show up on the ticket instead of yours. Nevertheless, you will still be let into the event because it's the bar code that's required for entry.

To avoid ticketing fraud, almost all tickets are irrevocable items. Therefore, if your tickets get stolen, ruined, or lost you can contact the seller about replacing lost tickets. However, sales cannot be refunded.

In the case that an event is totally canceled, you are eligible for a complete refund (shipping not refundable). If the event is postponed and rescheduled for a new date, your tickets will be applied to the new date.